The Importance Of Flyers In Real Estate Advertising - Why You Need More!

The Importance Of Real Estate Marketing Flyers – Why You Need More!

Probably more so than in any other industry today, real estate agents rely heavily on flyers for their marketing needs. Why is this? Well, there are a few qualities of the real estate business that lend themselves well to flyers as a means of advertising. As a Realtor®, you must rely heavily on personal interaction and face-to-face meetings. As more and more of the professional world moves online, homebuyers and sellers still need to meet their agent in the flesh before they can proceed with their transaction. Web and social media advertising is essential for driving traffic to your business, but once clients are at your doorstep, you’ll need something to present them with.

This is where flyers come in. Successful agents should always come prepared with a tri-fold flyer giving prospective clients an overview of who they are and what services they offer. Beyond this, flyers are often used to draw attention to specific events such as open houses or to raise awareness about a particularly exciting new property being listed. The secret to flyers, whatever their purpose, is to make them engaging and visually appealing so as to attract the maximum number of clients from your target audience. The best way to do this is by working with specialized graphic designers  to tailor real marketing flyers that carry on your business’ brand and messaging and look great doing it. Still not convinced? Here’s a few reasons why real estate marketing flyers are so important to Realtors® and why custom is the way to go.


1. Flyers make information stand out

Sure, you can hand someone a piece of paper with your services, prices and pitch written in size 12 font, but you’re probably not going to generate any leads that way. Instead, give your prospective clients material that pops and immediately catches the eye with bold graphics and concise messaging. Flyers are perfect for this as they naturally split information up into individual panels. Whether you opt for bi-fold, tri-fold or any of the numerous options for flyer formats, it’s easy to split your most important messages up into panels to help your audience focus on what’s important.


2. Flyers are an important part of building your brand

Whether you have your own real estate business or you’re part of a larger firm, you likely already have a brand designed for you. Logos and taglines are a huge part of garnering recognition in your housing market, and you should be using them anywhere you can. Not only do flyers contain pertinent information, but they’re the perfect place to paste your logo, display your slogan and tie it all together with a nice-looking picture of yourself.


3. Flyers save you time and money

It’s extremely easy to get flyers printed once you have a design, and many places are able to do this for you with quick turnaround times. One of the biggest factors that make flyers so appealing to Realtors® of all levels is how cost-effective they are. Depending on paper quality, printing a large batch of real estate marketing flyers won’t cost agents much at all, and delivering them to houses in your area is as easy as driving around on a nice afternoon.


4. Flyers get you more leads

For most Realtors®, generating more leads is beyond a doubt the most difficult part of their business. While there’s no guarantee that you’ll be getting calls like crazy as soon as you release a batch of flyers, you never know where your next sale will come from. Since they’re so localized, Realtors® can choose to distribute flyers to in-demand areas and neighbourhoods where a house has recently sold, in a bid to entice curious neighbours who may be interested in your services.


5. Custom-designed flyers are visually stunning

Sure, templates are great in a pinch. Thanks to the ease of information sharing on the internet, there’s countless templates out there waiting for you to paste your information in. Still though, discerning clients can generally spot templates a mile away. Maybe they’ve seen them used in the past, or maybe they’re just too generic and things seem out of place. When you opt for custom, you’re paying for a professional to create a product that perfectly encapsulates your business and makes everything look exactly as you want. Though it may add another expense to your marketing budget, custom-designed flyers are always more effective.


Looking for custom-designed real estate marketing flyers? Click here to get in touch with us today and start building a brand or marketing campaign that works for YOUR business.

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