The perfect pre-listing kit revealed, what it needs to contain

The Perfect Pre-Listing Kit Revealed | What It Needs To Contain!

There is a saying in the real estate industry that before selling a property, a Realtor® needs to first sell themselves to their prospective client. Sellers are very conscious of who they select to list their properties. They want someone skilled and experienced enough to get the desired asking price and ensure the process remains smooth and hassle-free. As a Realtor®, you need to prove that you are highly competent and experienced. But before you get a chance to show your mettle through an in-person listing presentation; it is your pre-listing kit that needs to pass the test under the discerning eyes of a lead.

Realtors® send a pre-listing presentation kit to potential sellers after they have confirmed an appointment for a detailed listing presentation. Your pre-listing package is reviewed by the potential seller even before you get a chance to present everything in detail during an in-person presentation. The primary purpose of a pre-listing presentation kit is to allow a potential seller to know more about the marketing and sales acumen of the Realtor®.


Essential ingredients for an effective pre-listing kit

  • A cover letter demonstrating to the client that you are the best in business and should be their choice above other Realtors®
  • One page about the agent, skills, experience, and qualifications
  • One page about your real estate agency and a brief history of satisfied clients
  • Your marketing strategy to sell the property of the client
  • A document about how you will arrive at the selling price of the property
  • Several reviews and testimonials saying how good you are at your job
  • A list of recently sold properties with sale prices


It is important to note that the pre-listing kit received by  clients typically tends to be the same, and hence, they are unable to differentiate between the packages sent by two or more Realtors®. If this is the case, how do you think a potential seller client will choose you over your competitors based on your pre-listing kit? Rest assured that the potential client will go through few pages of your pre-listing kit to get the same generic information that is provided by other Realtors®.


Reasons why your pre-listing presentation kit is not working well

You will need more than just the basic, bare-bones pre-listing kit mentioned above. Such a pre-listing kit was certainly extremely effective during the 80s and even 90s when the internet revolution was just beginning. But the rules of the game have changed a lot, and a generic pre-listing kit will not work the same for you in this era of heightened competition and advanced technology.

You need something truly special in order to catch the attention of potential clients. It could be a high-quality glossy paper or an impressive logo of your company. But you need to come up with a package that looks and feels noticeably different to the recipient. Without these eye-catching details to set you apart from the crowd, the material you worked so hard on will likely end up in the trash.

One reason why nearly all pre-listing kits prove ineffective is that they only talk about the Realtor®. No client particularly wants to hear you blather on about your merits as a person and as a professional. If they really want to find out more about you and your professional reputation, they have plenty of ways of getting information about you that they place more faith in than your own lofty opinion of yourself.

Most clients have short attention spans, and they rightfully tend to think of themselves first when embarking on a complex business transaction such as the sale or purchase of a property. Understandably, they want the pre-listing kit they receive to contain information that clearly and specifically outlines the transaction process from start to end. Your pre-listing kit shouldn’t be just another platform for you to promote your business. By putting the client first and providing them a well-constructed pre-listing kit with their needs and desires in mind, you’re automatically establishing yourself as someone who values sellers over their own ego.


Do what your competitors are not doing

While other agents produce the same self-congratulatory material, you have a golden opportunity to stand out and win over clients with a pre-listing kit that gets straight to the point. Constructing a proper kit that outlines exactly how you can help with the transaction in question is far and away the most effective tool you have in standing out from your fellow Realtors®. Empty gestures such as including small gifts or pictures of the property do nothing to convince them of your aptitude, and come across as shallow attempts to win their favour.

Let your pre-listing kit discuss the problems faced by sellers and the solutions you have for them. Do not talk about yourself and your competitors as it will unnecessarily bore the client.  Here are some important rules to follow when preparing your pre-listing kit.


  • Make sure you include everything that talks about the client and remove everything that talks about you
  • Enumerate all steps of the selling process and tell how you will help the client in each step of the process
  • Avoid using real estate jargon to create an excellent impression on the reader
  • Include Infographics to allow the reader to get broad information in quick time
  • Focus on the client, their lifestyle, their ambitions, and their income levels when writing your pre-listing kit
  • The information in your pre-listing kit should be area-specific as the client is not interested in knowing about housing markets outside their area


Keep in mind that the first page of your pre-listing kit is vitally important. It should solidify your brand image and credentials and set you apart from your competition. Personalize this page by using the name and circumstances of the client so that they become interested and reads the full kit. The more specific the information in your kit, the higher are your chances of you being chosen as the listing agent by the client after meeting you.


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