The pros and cons of Online Advertising vs Print Material

The Pros and Cons of Online Advertising vs. Print Material

With the advent of a wide plethora of online house-hunting tools and platforms, Realtors® are increasingly focused on adopting dynamic marketing strategies that target both online advertising and print material. Choosing between the two is indeed a tough dilemma, and with the striking pace of innovation in the realm of digital advertising,  real estate agents have much to gain from shifting their efforts online.

However, for a Realtor® who has a well-defined local area of operation, print advertisement still holds great significance. If the advertising budget of the Realtor® is limited, and the client must choose either of the two advertising platforms, the best way is to find out which medium of advertising offers a higher ROI.



Pros of Online Advertising


It allows you to reach out to a massive number of potential clients:

With online advertising, there is no restriction of a geographical location. You can reach out to individuals living thousands of miles away when you place information about a property on your Facebook account. Online advertising makes it possible for you to gain exposure to massive numbers of people.


Explore untapped markets with just a few clicks:

You can advertise your services in front of your potential clients living far away without paying a visit there.


You can customize content depending upon demographics:

Online advertising gives you the freedom to personalize content to suit the likes and preferences of your target group of customers depending upon their age, gender, location, language, and other factors.


Engage with your audience on a personal level:

Digital advertising, mainly social media advertising, allows you to communicate with your target audience freely on a personal level through chat and by like, share, and comment on posts.


Online advertising is very cost-effective:

Digital advertising, including the cost of paid advertising, proves much cheaper than traditional print advertising. You can reach out to a much bigger audience at a fraction of the cost of print advertising.



Cons of Online Advertising


You must consider negative feedback:

One of the most significant drawbacks of online advertising is the possibility of negative reviews or comments left behind by unhappy customers.


Frequently changing guidelines from search engines:

Online advertising is subject to regulations issued by Google and other search engines. Your advertising effort can go to waste if algorithms of search engines are updated abruptly.


You need an expert to get the desired ROI in online advertising:

While it is easy to reach out to your potential clients through online advertising, you need someone who understands the outreach of various platforms to devise a perfect marketing strategy for your business.



Pros of Print Material


Print material can make a substantial impact:

Print material has a tactile quality that taps into the memory of the recipient. It can make an emotional connection with the customer. Print material has aesthetic appeal and personal touch that helps in making your services appear trustworthy in the minds of those who receive such content.


Print material makes a connection with the brain:

Print material gets customer attention and engagement much more than digital advertising. It can be processed efficiently and much more quickly by the brain than digital advertising.


Print material is excellent for advertising on the ground:

For the business of a Realtor®, having a localized reach, print material in the form of brochures, flyers, and leaflets proves to be more engaging and impactful than digital advertising. Print material helps in the creation of brand awareness and directs customers to the office of the business, which is excellent for you if you are a Realtor®.


Print material has a longer shelf life:

Your target audience can store print material, and there is a chance that they may go through them repeatedly. Being physically available is not possible with online advertising.



Cons of Print Material


Print material is not interactive:

Print material advertising is one-way advertising. Information is provided to the recipient, and the recipient is expected to take follow up action. As a Realtor®, you can only hope that your customers pay attention to your message and act.


It is expensive than online advertising:

With print material, you pay not only the fee of the marketing agency but also the cost of paper and printing. Later, you also pay for the distribution cost of the print material. All these costs make print material expensive for Realtor®.


It is difficult to calculate your ROI:

With print material, there is no formula to calculate the ROI. Therefore, you never know how effective your marketing campaign was in terms of ROI.


Despite their pros and cons, experts say that a Realtor® cannot do away with either of the two advertising methods. A realtor needs a sophisticated mix of digital and print material advertising depending upon unique circumstances.


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