Top 10 Free Lead Generation Ideas for Realtors®

Lead generation is the most basic requirement in the profession of realty. Marketing has become complex and very aggressive these days and a large number of Realtors® are fighting to get their share of the pie in the housing market. Gone are the days when cold calling and knocking at the doors of strangers were the main methods of lead generation for Realtors®. Here are to 10 free lead generation ideas for Realtors® in modern times.


1. Stay connected to get referrals

Referrals from friends, relatives, and past clients are the biggest source of leads in the present time. All you need to get lots of referrals is to stay connected with all the people you know and meet.


2. Get positive reviews from clients

Most buyers and sellers check reviews of Realtors® online before hiring their services. These reviews cost nothing but help you greatly in getting leads.


3. Gain respect through blogging

Start a blog of your own and give useful information to your readers. You can easily establish yourself as an expert in your chosen niche. Blogging consistently can get you lots of leads.


4. Catch FSBO

A vast majority of owners who decide to go FSBO are those who have had a bad experience with a Realtor® in the past. You can talk to these people and give them the advice to convert them into your clients.


5. Attend open houses

Open houses are events attended by not curious neighbours and buyers but also by people who are planning to sell their homes in the near future. You can easily generate lots of leads by introducing yourself as a reliable Realtor® to as many people as you meet in these open houses.


6. Social media

Social media is a platform where you can present your human face and attract leads by bragging about your awards and achievements in a gentle manner one in a while.


7. Engage with leads through messaging

Most Millennials have given up on email, but they are still very active in messaging. Communicate your leads through instant messaging that proves easy for these people as they can reply while being on the move.


8. Cold calling

This is an age-old practice that can be intimidating but still fetches good results.


9. Try to find distressed owners

Distressed owners facing financial troubles can be easily convinced to hire your services if you can show them how they can get a high price for their homes.


10. Take part in social awareness campaigns

Become a known face by taking part in social awareness events. People love to work with Realtors® who they believe are trustworthy.


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