Top 10 Marketing Materials Property Management Agencies Need to have

Top 10 Marketing Materials Property Management Agencies Must Have

If you are running a property management company, it’s imperative that your business is able to reach the investors and landlords that will eventually become your clients. Online advertising and social media marketing have made it easier than ever to spread word of your company to a broad audience. However, this has resulted in potential clients seeing an overwhelming amount of advertising. With this in mind, it is more important than ever to try and stand out amongst your competition. One way to do this is to develop property management marketing material designed to communicate with and convert leads. This shows landlords and investors that you are willing to take the extra step to help make their lives easier. Here is a list of the top 10 print materials all property management companies need to have:


1. Manual for evaluation of a property

A primary concern of landlords is that they are not getting high returns on their investment in the form of rental income. It is crucial for you as a property manager to approach these individuals and tell them that you have tools to find out their actual return on investment. Providing the landlords with print material that provides concrete details of how your company arrives at the fair market value of a property is a great way to open these conversations. Once the client knows the market value of the property, it becomes easy for them to determine their actual return on investment.  Such a marketing tool is highly effective at capturing the attention of dissatisfied landlords and investors.


2. Landlord handbook

The majority of landlords are exhausted from all the duties they must provide tenants, and are looking for help and advice to assist them with these tasks. Your number one priority as a property manager is to show potential clients that you have the know-how to help them lighten their workload. A landlord handbook is one example of a tool you can produce when you encounter an overburdened landlord, as it provides useful advice to help them fulfill their responsibilities more efficiently.  Your prospective clients will appreciate such a guide, and more importantly, it will signal to them your knowledge in property management, establishing your business as one they can trust. If they find the advice given in this landlord handbook helpful, they will consider your services when the need to hire a property management company arises.


3. Tenant handbook

A Tenant handbook is another guide that can work as a useful marketing material for your property management agency. All landlords want tenants in their properties who pay their rent on time, and leave the property as pristine as possible. However, the reality is they will often find themselves facing difficult tenants that create problems and increase the stress of the poor landlord who has to deal with them. You can help your prospective clients by providing them with a tenant handbook that gives useful tips on how to handle their more problematic renters. This compassionate act will help them think about utilizing your services in the future.


4. Routine inspection guide

All landlords are worried about the condition of their properties. Failure to attract the right tenant can have enormous consequences. It is critical to have routine inspections to ensure your tenants are meeting the correct standards for the property. These inspections will ensure high standards are maintained, with damages repaired promptly.  Many landlords are not aware of the rules that must be followed during such reviews. Missing a small issue can have significant consequences in the future. To help them, you can prepare a detailed guide on routine inspections and give it as a gift to your prospective clients.


5. Fees breakdown

Landlords have to charge their tenants all sorts of different fees to cover all the expenses and what-ifs of maintaining a property. The list is extensive and creates a lot of confusion in regards to who is liable to pay what. You can help simplify your client’s business by preparing a booklet containing a breakdown of all types of fees chargeable by landlords. Make sure the brochure printed has the name and logo of your Company so that the client remembers your name whenever they need property management services.


6. Maintenance Manual

One of the biggest headaches all landlords face is in the maintenance of their property. It is critical to maintain your property to a high standard to attract high-quality tenants while giving you the ability and flexibility to increase monthly rent. Maintenance of a property is not only expensive but also takes a lot of time and effort on the part of the landlord. You can create a maintenance manual to make it easy for your prospective clients to carry out regular maintenance of their properties. Create a checklist of all things that need periodic inspection and maintenance.


7. Property management tools

Many first-time landlords often have trouble handling the affairs of their property and tenants. They face many difficulties and are interested in gaining tips and tricks from those who are experts in the field of property management. You can create a custom-made guide with this vital information and give it as a gift to your prospective clients. If the time comes where they decide to seek a property management agency to handle their affairs, you’ll be first in their mind as someone who was willing to offer guidance when things were tough.


8. Vacating tenant FAQ

Tenant turnover is a critical issue faced by landlords. It results in a loss of rental income as the landlord incurs any necessary costs involved in getting the property up to the correct standard for the incoming tenant. You can provide your prospective clients with a FAQ form that details the critical information they need to make sure the tenant turnover goes as smoothly as possible while being cost-efficient.


9. Tips on dealing with problematic tenants

Troublesome tenants are a big part of the industry. No matter how extensive your screening process is, some will always sneak through the cracks! These tenants can cause damage to the property, cause issues with other tenants or miss their monthly rental payments. Troublesome tenants can have potential flow-on effects as it will give your property a bad reputation going forward.  You can prepare a guide on tips and advice on dealing with these types of tenants and provide it to your prospective customers. The guide will enable them to handle difficult tenants more efficiently, maintaining their property’s reputation and value in the process.


10. Guide on security deposit charged from tenants

All landlords ask for a security deposit from their tenants at the time of moving in. This security deposit is usually equal to 2-3 months’ rent, and it is refundable when the tenant hands over the property in the same condition (besides general wear and tear) at the commencement of the lease. Preparing a comprehensive guide on what damages and repairs are recoverable and how to deduct this from the deposit will be very useful to your prospective clients. Branding all products with your name and logo will ensure that when landlords require property management services, they know who to contact!


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