Top 10 Real Estate marketing material Realtors must have

Top 10 Real Estate Marketing Material Realtors® Must Have

As a Realtor®, you know how difficult it is to capture the attention of potential clients and establish yourself as an industry expert. This is primarily due to the fierce competition created by the advent of hundreds of thousands of real estate agents, crowding the market and vying for their share of the pie.

In such a scenario, it becomes important for all Realtors® to make use of marketing materials to be remembered by their potential clients and stand out amongst their competitors. While an immersive and functional website is certainly a top marketing tool for all Realtors® in this digital age, one cannot forget the beauty and charm of printed marketing materials for Realtors® aswell. Here is a list of the top 10 real estate marketing materials all Realtors® must use to stay two steps ahead of their competitors.


  1. A polished & engaging real estate website.

Anyone who comes to know about you is naturally interested in knowing more about your skills and experience. What better place than a website to send to get all the information? It is just like your storefront on the web where anyone can pay a visit and be convinced about your competence to decide to become your client. You can include not just your properties on this website but also your services and the testimonials of your past clients to create a lasting impression on your visitors.


  1. Business cards.

Business cards are a small but very effective marketing tool used by all businessmen even in this digital age. One receives many business cards in life but pays close attention to only very few of them. If you can get a memorable business card that creates a lasting impression on their recipients, you will make sure that they keep it safely in their possession and remember you whenever they or their friends need services provided by you. Go for a card that has a unique and creative design and contains all important details about your business.


  1. Brochures.

Brochures are printed marketing tools that are used by businesses to disseminate information among a target group of customers. You can get foldable brochures made of glossy pages containing images, content, and infographics to tell recipients all about your services in an interesting manner. These brochures can be handed out to visitors to your office and distributed to visitors in the offices of your partner professionals.


  1. Fridge Magnets.

Fridge magnets are innocuous-looking marketing tools that stay in the household for a long time to come. They are affixed on the surface of the refrigerator. Every time someone opens or closes the door of the refrigerator, they catch a glimpse at this magnet that contains the face, name, and logo of the real estate company or real estate agent. You can choose any design that you think is useful for the household such as a yearly calendar, important numbers, kitchen cheat sheet, or even your own business card.


  1. Direct mail postcards.

One of the biggest advantages of the real estate business is the fact that it is mostly localized. You can easily communicate with your potential clients by sending direct mail postcards to their addresses. In this digital age when people’s email inboxes are cluttered with messages from so many businesses, sending direct mail postcards can be a very effective way of conveying your message. It is a more personalized way of communication and more likely to be seen and read by your potential customers.


  1. Real estate signs.

Signage that is used to catch the attention of potential buyers are still considered highly effective marketing materials for Realtors®. These signs are used to catch the attention of any passersby and advertise your real estate business.


  1. Custom listing presentation.

A custom listing presentation gives a chance for the Realtor® to impress and hopefully win over the potential seller with their ability to market their property and find a buyer. A listing well received is a listing half sold. This is why you need a listing presentation that is interesting, eye-catching, sell yourself and answers all questions from the potential client.


  1. Door hangers.

Door hangers are a small marketing material that is being used by Realtors® around the country to advertise their business. These hangers made of paper and printed in appealing colors are very cost-effective marketing tools.


  1. Digital advertising.

Digital advertising is an umbrella term that is used for all activities geared towards promoting the business of the client online. This includes not just their website and SEO but also the use of Google Adwords to send organic traffic to their site. It should be the endeavor of the Realtor® to reach out to as many as target groups as possible through banner ads on high ranking websites. They should also use inexpensive but highly effective email newsletters to not just communicate directly but also to develop a rapport with potential customers.


Now that we have discussed the top 10, there are actually 3 more areas that prove to be extremely advantageous and shouldn’t be overlooked.


  1. Outdoor banners.

Outdoor banners are excellent marketing material for Realtors®. Made from PVC and printed in attractive colors, these outdoor banners can be hung at strategic places to inform buyers about the sale, lease, or rent of real estate.


  1. Infographics.

It becomes difficult to hold on to the attention of your readers for some time in this age of visuals and video clips. If you can include beautiful images, charts, and graphs to your marketing tools, you can rest assured they will create a very nice impression on recipients. Also, you can easily convey your message in fewer words if you make use of statistics in the form of graphs and charts.


  1. Hoardings.

You can catch the attention of massive numbers of potential clients in your area of operation through hoardings. These hoardings, placed at strategic points in your city or County are seen by large numbers of passerby’s who remember your face, name, and services for a long period of time. Hoardings can be costly as they are allotted for a limited period of time, but you can reach out to a large number of potential clients with their help.



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