Top 10 best Realtor merchandise to invest in

Top 5 Best Real Estate Merchandise To Invest In

Being a Realtor®, you know how important and challenging it is for you to capture and maintain the attention of your prospective clients. You work hard to reach out to them through the SEO of your website, blogs and your posts on social media. The localized nature of real estate business means you can reap rich dividends by reaching out to your potential clients through small and inexpensive marketing tools. They may be custom printed business cards, notepads, envelopes or presentation folders, even branded merchandise such as pens, gift bags, fridge magnets, and keyrings.

When the holiday season is in full swing, people are busy giving gifts to their loved ones on Christmas and New Year. It is a perfect time for you as a Realtor® to remember your existing and potential clients by giving away branded Realtor® merchandise to them. You can distribute these gift items as a token of appreciation and their loyalty towards your service.


Key Rings

Branded Keyrings are a perfect gift to give away to all your customers and potential clients. They cost very little and serve as a reminder to your recipients about your company and the quality services it provides. You can choose the style of your keyring then print your name, logo and contact details clearly on them. Keyrings are a handy accessory that is used daily by everyone! When your recipient attaches their car or house key to the keyring, they will always catch a glimpse of your company name and logo whenever they drive or return home. You can also give keyrings with branded bottle openers attached to it!


Fridge Magnets

These sleek looking marketing tools have once again caught the imagination of Realtors® around the country. There is a wide range to choose from (calendars, emergency numbers, kitchen cheat sheets, even your business card to pin what they want) and all easily stick to the body of their fridge. These magnets are seen daily by the recipient when they are opening or closing the fridge door, continually reminding them about your company. They may not call up immediately, but they will develop a connection to your company and remember you whenever they or their friends are looking for services like those offered by you. You can choose any design for a fridge magnet depending on your target audience’s demographics and the location of your housing market.


Gift Bag

Custom-designed gift bags are merchandise that Realtors® can make use of as a marketing tool. You can easily print your logo and contact details on the bag so that the recipient always sees it. Of course, gift bags prove a little bit costlier than fridge magnets and keyrings, but I’m sure you have some customers who are worth investing in more than others. Gift bags come in all shapes and sizes, and you can choose a size that’s in your budget and looks beautiful.



Custom branded pens are a popular gift item among Realtors®. Pens are handy, and it is easy to print the company name and contact details on them. You can design these how you choose, with the ability to select from a broad range of styles and types. Regardless of what you want, just imagine the feeling a customer gets about your company when they use the pen gifted by you to sign a check or a document. Try to source pens in your brand colour and then get your contact details and logo printed in black or white, so it stands out.



There is no significance to something as mundane as a stock standard note pad, but a custom-designed note pad is a whole different story. These notepads are a fantastic marketing tool for Realtors® as they evoke confidence and professionalism. They contain all your contact details and logo in a sleek on-brand design. If it looks good enough, you can expect them to sit on the desk of the recipient for years to come.


Tiny Tomato Design has helped numerous clients in their marketing efforts by designing fantastic gift items for them to utilize. You can order the merchandise of your choice at affordable prices from us.


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