Top 5 Real Estate DL Trifold Flyer ideas

Top 5 Real Estate DL Trifold Flyer Ideas for Realtors® Revealed!

Realtors® rely upon digital advertising to reach out to a vast majority of their target group of clients, directing most of their attention to social media.

Print advertising is still considered effective by Realtors® as it allows them to reach out directly to their potential clients, where digital advertising is localized, having a defined operating area. One of the most effective types of print marketing tools for Realtors® is a tri-fold brochure or flyer. Professionally designed and printed brochures create a lasting impression on the recipients and help in achieving the objective of Realtors®. Here are the top 5 real estate DL tri-fold flyer ideas to serve as highly useful marketing tools for Realtors®:


1. Featured property tri-fold flyer

If you are trying to sell a property, this tri-fold real estate brochure design is a perfect marketing tool for you. As the brochure comes in the hands of a prospective client, the client gets to see images of beautiful properties recently sold in the area. The first fold is devoted to the images and details of recently sold properties while dedicating the centrefold of the tri-fold brochure to the featured property that you are trying to sell.

On your tri-fold centrefold, you are free to put your photo, the name of the company, the logo, and your contact details. However, the center of attraction for the individual who gets this tri-fold is still the beautiful picture of the featured property.

The third and final fold of this tri-fold brochure is devoted to the newly listed properties in the housing market. This template of the trifold flyer to sell a property has become very popular among Realtors® across the country in recent times.


2. Real estate tri-fold flyer

The real estate trifold flyer is another beautiful tri-fold real estate brochure template that allows you to present a property in front of potential clients beautifully and impressively. This tri-fold brochure is fantastic for selling properties, whether they are apartments, vacation homes, independent single-family homes, or villas. You can provide as many photos and details in this tri-fold brochure with the advantage of having a beautiful full-page picture of the property on the cover page.


3. Real estate tri-fold flyer

The Real estate trifold flyer is a simple yet exquisite tri-fold brochure template being used by many Realtors® these days. The design of this brochure is so eye-catching that it will catch the attention of buyers in any housing market. You can use the inside pages of this brochure to give details of the features and amenities of the property. You can reserve the third inside page of this brochure template to give out images of the properties and other points of interest to the buyer.  You can provide details about downtown and the neighbourhood to make the buyer interested by using this brochure design.


4. Featured listings tri-fold flyer

The featured listings trifold flyer is a fascinating tri-fold real estate brochure design for giving information to prospective clients about featured listings. If you are hosting an open house, this tri-fold brochure will allow you to inform any potential client about all the listed properties that you have in one go. This brochure catches the attention of the customers with beautiful images and details of several features on every fold. Customers forget the properties they see on realty websites, but it is challenging for them to ignore these properties as they can have a look at them whenever they want.

Each fold of this tri-fold brochure contains photos of properties and their details below these images. At the bottom of the pamphlet is the space that you can utilize to provide the contact details of your company.


5. Property sale tri-fold flyer

The Property sale trifold flyer is a beautiful and artistic design of a tri-fold real estate brochure that has a retro feel to it. This design is customizable, and it allows you to tell everything about the company and your services to the customer. It is a perfect design for a Realtor® to give information about your company to prospective clients. You can print it at home or get it printed professionally according to your requirements.

This tri-fold brochure serves as a marketing tool for a Realtor® who has a desire to spread the word about services among the target group of customers in a housing market.


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