Top 5 reasons Social Media is extremely important in Real Estate

Top 5 Reasons Social Media is Extremely Important in Real Estate

There was a time when there was no internet, and Google was a far-distant reality, and all Realtors® had to work hard to spread the word around their community to market their services. However, modern-day Realtors® can reach out to a massive number of their target audience by creating a dynamic digital presence through social media.

Social media has risen to unbelievable heights of popularity, becoming a significant fixture in our everyday lives.  Every single business needs a strong social media presence to grow and to reach out to its audience to penetrate the market or maintain its market share. Realtors® have much to gain from social media platforms as they allow real estate businesses to empower their clientele with information and investment opportunities. They can communicate with their audience with an informal tone and a plethora of infographics and engaging content. Here are the 5 top reasons why social media is so essential for Realtors®.


1. It gives you easy access to your target audience

Facebook is one social media platform with more than 2 billion active users around the globe. Similarly, Instagram is the first choice of young people, having more than 700 million accounts. According to some reports, more than 68% of American adults have Facebook accounts. Close to 80% of young adults between the ages of 18 and 24 use Instagram daily. With such impressive numbers, no Realtor® worth weight in salt can even think of staying away from social media. Also, if you are dealing specifically with seniors, you would be surprised to know that nearly 37% of Americans aged 65 or higher have a presence on one or the other social media platform. You need to choose the platforms wisely depending upon which ones are used by your target group of clients most.


2. Social media allows you to build your brand image

Social media is just what the name implies. Its nature is social, which means you can use it to make a reliable and positive reputation for your business and yourself. There is no need to appear as an aggressive Realtor® on social media. On the contrary, your endeavour should be to establish a professional and very human face of your business on social media websites. By giving useful tips and information that is helpful for your audience, you can quickly establish yourself as an expert in your chosen niche. Social media gives you a chance to interact with your followers and solve their problems. You will get business from your friends on social media automatically as people like to work with those who they know on a personal basis.


3. Grow your network through social media

While social media is primarily to remain in contact with your dear and loved one, it also allows you to grow your professional network. It is possible to do networking in real estate and allied industries by merely using social media sitting at home or office.  Through Facebook, you can easily reach out to your past and present clients and even ask for referrals. In your posts, you can politely ask your friends to share the link with their friends, especially those who are interested in buying or selling a home.

LinkedIn is a social media platform specially made for networking between professionals. You will be surprised to see your business growing by merely increasing your network on LinkedIn.


4. Get targeted traffic from social media

Social media not only has a bewildering number of members, but it also gives a Realtor® a new online source of visitors for the business websites. Yes, gone are the days when SEO of websites was the only way of receiving organic traffic. Today, one can get as many visitors from social media. Many real estate agents get most of their traffic on their websites from social media platforms. People can find your web content on social media and then visit your website by clicking inside social media.


5. Learn more about the preferences of your clientele

Social media is not just about taking your business to your target group of customers. It is also about knowing your potential customers in a better manner. Through their tweets and posts, you can get a better insight into their daily lives, their likes, and their preferences. You learn a lot about their consumer behaviour through the posts of your friends and followers. You know about their hobbies, what products they like and why, and the type of posts they love to share with their friends. You are in a much better position as you understand your customers and their buying behaviour. You can quickly refine your marketing efforts with the help of following your social media analysis.


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