Best Days for Listing a Home for Sale

There are certain days and time periods during a year when people tend to avoid listing a home on the market. No one is interested in listing their home just before Christmas as it is a time when buyers will be busy enjoying the festivities and the subsequent holidays. With few buyers around, the chances of a successful sale of a house go down. If there are days on which sellers do not like to list their homes, there are also days that are considered favourable for selling homes. Let us find out top days to list your home for sale.

Weather conditions and the school sessions of kids play a very strong role in house-hunting endeavours of families around the country. When parents know that the school is closed and kids will be free for a while do they begin their house hunt. They also make a move when they find weather conditions food for moving out and viewing homes that they have shortlisted.

ATTOm Data Solutions carried out an analysis of homes sales of nearly 29 million condos and single-family homes in the last 8 years to find out the best days to list a home on the market for sale.  This study revealed that these 5 days are in May and June when schools are closed for summer vacations around the country. More specifically, these days in 2019 were 24 and 31 May and then 20, 21, and 28 June. The important thing to note here is that out of the 5, 4 are Fridays which indicates a preference of the home buyers to conduct searches online during weekends.

If one takes a look at the price fetched by homes, one finds that owners who listed their homes and sold them in June obtained nearly 9.2% more than the market value of their homes during the year. Similarly, homeowners listing and selling their homes in May and July received 7.3% and 7.2% more than the average market value over the year. This percentage goes down during other months of the year with homeowners listing their homes in winter months of October, November, December, and January getting just over 3% above market value. This trend clearly indicates you should list your home in the summer months of May and June if you are desirous of fetching a higher than the fair market value of your home.

Now that you know about the top days to list your home, it is time to prepare accordingly.


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