Using Paid Search for Real Estate Agents Get More Conversions and Transactions

Why Real Estate Agents That Use Paid Search Get More Conversions & Transactions

Every year, thousands of new Realtors® enter the real estate industry vying for their share of the pie. As a result, this has made real estate a fiercely competitive field with large numbers of Realtors® trying to capture the attention of buyers and sellers in their housing markets. These Realtors® are doing everything possible to stand out from the rest of their competitors, including SEO, online advertising, and even print advertising to attract prospective customers.

In such a scenario, paid search is the one marketing strategy that is effortless and offers remarkable returns to Realtors®. Paid search or pay per click advertising provided by Google is an excellent way of reaching out to target groups of customers for any Realtor® even if they are a newbie in this industry.

If one talks about organic traffic, it usually refers to search engine optimization that drives people to the website of a Realtor® when searching the internet. However, SEO can take a lot of time, and when every Realtor® is vigilant about SEO, it often becomes difficult to receive decent traffic on your website. When you decide to pay Google for clicks, it becomes easier for you to get targeted traffic on your website.


The reason why paid search is so desirable

The biggest reason why paid search is so effective is because it is very similar to organic search. The only difference is that you pay money to an SEO expert to make your website visible to your prospective customers. At the same time, you spend cash directly to Google to show your URL in top search results to interested customers. While you must wait patiently for SEO to deliver desired results, there is no waiting period with paid search.

The vast majority of Realtors® understand the importance of SEO and spend significant amounts of money on it with the hope that their website will become more visible to their customers. On the other hand, very few Realtors® spend money on paid search despite knowing that it would drive organic traffic to their websites without making any effort. However, many of these Realtors® have no idea of how to make the best use of the marketing tool called paid search.


Amazing results delivered by paid search

Research suggests that on a pilot project, spending $500 per month on paid search, a Realtor® was able to achieve two conversions in just one month. If you consider the amount of money they earned in the form of commission from these conversions, spending $500 on paid search appears peanuts. However, most Realtors® aren’t getting their desired results as they are reluctant to pay even this small amount on paid search.

The thing to keep in mind is that chances of conversion of a customer with the paid search are very high, provided you persist with this method of marketing. If the same customer sees your URL at the top of search results for an extended period, their chances of them paying a visit and then converting into a real customer become very high. The longer you stick to paid search, the more targeted this method of marketing becomes.

Of course, the effectiveness of paid search campaigns depends a lot upon your ability to choose the keywords wisely. It also depends upon the alluring description that a customer gets to read along with the URL address when they conduct a search based upon these keywords.

Like any other marketing channel, a Realtor® needs to test various strategies when using paid search. Sticking to what works and scrapping what is not delivering results is essential for the success of a paid search campaign.


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