What Is a BAD Bounce Rate For Your Real Estate Website?

What Is a BAD Bounce Rate For Your Real Estate Website?

Simply put, the bounce rate of your website indicates the percentage of visitors that leave your site after a single interaction, in most cases, a single page view. While it’s certainly not the only sign of an under-performing and ineffectively designed site, the bounce rate of your real estate website is definitely worth paying attention to. Think of all the time and effort you’ve put into crafting appealing and engaging landing pages and even blog posts meant to draw in clients to your business. If your bounce rate is high, it means that more often than not your guests are leaving without clicking around and seeing what else you have to say.

Needless to say, this isn’t what you want. As a general rule of thumb, the more time visitors spend on your website, the better. This seems like common sense, but it’s important to note just how important it is to keep potential leads engaged. If you can hook viewers and gradually funnel them towards your more sales-y pages, you’ve just effectively created the opportunity to convert a sale. What, then, is considered a BAD bounce rate? Here, we’ll discuss this and give you some tips to dial up yours and ensure your site is performing as it was meant to.


What is a BAD bounce rate?

Generally, anything between 40-55% is considered an average bounce rate for a website across all industries. In real estate specifically, the average tends to hover closer to the higher end of this range. This isn’t an exact science, and the metric itself is slightly flawed for many reasons. With that being said though, if your analytics are showing a bounce rate above 70%, this may be cause for concern. Depending on what your website contains and if you have a strong blogging presence, this may be higher or lower. There are obviously other factors to take into account, and some websites are destined to have a lower bounce rate, but if you’re seeing alarmingly high numbers it may be time to take a critical look at the bounce rate of your real estate website, and what factors could be affecting it.


How do you improve your bounce rate?

1. Optimize, optimize, optimize!

Arguably the biggest factor affecting your bounce rate isn’t the actual content of the site, but rather the overall performance of the site itself. It makes sense: how many times have you clicked off of what should have been a guaranteed purchase because the site was taking FOREVER to load? If your visitors are having to wait for ages to get onto the next page, they’re more than likely to click off of your website before they have time to read anything you have to say. It’s impossible to meet everyone’s expectations and there will always be those who won’t wait regardless, but optimizing your site for load-time and minimizing the amount of complicated plugins will drastically increase load time and therefore drive down your bounce rate.

2. More relevant content

This could mean one of two things. Your problem could be that you’re choosing keywords that are too general, and are getting visitors who aren’t actually interested in the subject at hand. Alternatively, your content might not live up to your visitors’ expectations and be totally different than what’s reflected in the title or the keywords they searched to reach your page in the first place. Taking the time to understand what your audience wants to hear and tailoring content accordingly can make a huge difference in the bounce rate of your real estate website.

3. Use internal links sparingly

If your goal is to keep guests clicking around your website, it’s all too tempting to bombard them with tons of links leading them to all different corners of your site. Rather than confusing your otherwise interested viewers, it’s important to only direct them to pages that are relevant to the content at hand- and not too often. Reading a wall of blue text is exhausting and will lead to your viewers leaving before they click on even one of your countless links.


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