What Is The BEST Real Estate Website Platform In 2021?

What Is The BEST Real Estate Website Platform In 2021?

In any industry, a professionally designed and engaging website is practically a must-have in 2021. More and more consumers are beginning and ending their product research online, and home buyers and sellers are certainly no exception. In fact, recent reports show that as many as 95% of people conduct an online search at some point in their property transaction. This is a staggering statistic, and one that Realtors® would do well to pay attention to if they’re looking to generate more leads and dazzle potential clients. The question is not WHETHER you need a website (spoiler alert: you do!) but what service is the best for designing, launching and maintaining a site that works for you. Here, we’ll take a look at which real estate website platform is the absolute BEST for your unique needs.



No conversation about website design platforms would be complete without mentioning this absolute titan. WordPress has long been the reigning king of its field, and for good reason. WordPress prides itself on being open-source, which means that any qualified developer can contribute to it’s constantly growing library of plugins and tools that make it as effective as it is. Customizability options are nearly limitless, and there are tons of options out there to give your site the functionality it needs.

Live chat buttons, Contact forms, etc. can all be easily added to your real estate website with the help of WordPress. While it has a slightly steeper learning curve than drag-and-drop sites like Squarespace, there are TONS of resources out there for new users, including comprehensive guides straight from WordPress itself. WordPress sites also naturally rank higher on search engines, thanks in large part to super-handy built in SEO tools that help you make the most of your web content. For most Realtors®, WordPress is the all-around BEST platform for their real estate website.



Speaking of drag-and-drop website builders, Wix has emerged as one of the most popular in its class and an excellent option for those looking for bare-bones simplicity from their real estate website platform. With this, of course, comes some downsides. For most purposes these websites will be perfectly fine, but your options for customization will be limited compared to open-source offerings like WordPress which give you full control over your website. As well, though Wix bills itself as free-to-use, they offer premium plans which unlock the full scope of the platform’s power. It’s important to be aware that there are multiple tiers to these premium offerings, and you’ll have to pay for the most expensive plan for maximum control. One significant pitfall of going the free route on this platform is that you’ll have advertisements showing up on your website – and they’re not your own. Even the entry-level paid plan doesn’t remove these, so if you want to maintain a professional image on your site you’ll need to shell out for the platform’s more expensive offerings.



Designed specifically for real estate, Ubertor is certainly worth your consideration for a variety of reasons. Like its competitors, Ubertor has tons of options to improve the functionality of your website and enhance its overall performance and lead generating abilities. The fact that the platform was designed specifically with Realtors® in mind makes it seem like a no-brainer for your real estate website platform, but this comes at a cost- literally. Being able to display listings in an organized and intuitive manner is essential for a well-designed real estate website, and Ubertor does an excellent job at helping you integrate these listings on your site. With that being said, convenience isn’t cheap. Even the entry-level paid plan doesn’t include the option to include listings, and the monthly cost of your website goes up exponentially if you want to display even 20 or 45 listings. While it’s not quite as streamlined, there are plenty of options on WordPress to help you achieve the same functionality without paying hefty monthly fees.


With such a huge market of would-be website builders, it’s clear that more and more options are becoming available for Realtors® to create functional and well-designed sites for their business. At present though, there’s still little reason to consider anything other than WordPress for your needs. At Tiny Tomato Design, we’ve been using WordPress for years to create beautiful and functional websites for Realtors® that get crazy results and don’t cost an arm and a leg.


Looking for assistance with building or revamping your real estate website? Click here to get in touch and start developing a comprehensive strategy that works for you and your business.



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