What Real Estate Magnets have the best hold rate_

What Real Estate Magnets have the best hold rate?

All Realtors® realize the importance of marketing to generate leads and to make sure their existing and potential clients remember their names and services. From digital advertising to print materials, Realtors® make use of all sorts of marketing gimmicks to remain in the memory of their customers.


One marketing tool that is cost effective and keeps reminding the recipients about the services of the Realtor® is real estate magnets. If you do not know, magnets are stuck at the back of business cards, beautiful paper houses, and other pieces of art and given as gifts to customers that they can keep in their homes and see the name and logo of the company of the Realtor®. Real estate business may be a very serious business involving lots of money, but these promotional magnets give it a light and artistic touch.


Custom made house shaped magnets.

As the name suggests, these are small houses made from card paper with a small magnet affixed at their back. As a Realtor®, you can capture the attention of visitors to your office by sticking these paper magnets on cabinets and other items made of iron. These house shaped magnets, when stuck on the refrigerator in the homes of your customers, keep reminding them and their guests about your services whenever they need to buy or a sell a property.


If you are thinking about a print material to do the business marketing, there is nothing more effective than a house shaped magnet containing the name, logo of your company, and your contact details. The fact that anyone who goes near the refrigerator or opens the door to get a drink or food item cannot ignore this beautiful house shaped magnet. House shaped magnets have the best hold rate among all other types of print materials used for the purpose of marketing by real estate agents.


Business card with magnets.

All Realtors® distribute their business cards to people they meet to promote their business. People look at the business card for a fleeting moment and keep it inside their wallet. Once their wallet becomes full of several cards, they usually throw them away in the dustbin. Of course, they store the mobile number of the Realtor® in their smartphone if they consider him important.  However, if you want your recipients to keep looking at your business card frequently, the best thing is to get a small magnet affixed on their back. Your customers would stick the business card on the body of their refrigerator or cabinet and catch a glimpse of your contact details every now and then. These business cards have been found to be highly effective in marketing the business of Realtors®. As a Realtor®, you can rest assured that your business cards remain longer with those you hand them to and they are also likely to see them very frequently if they are stuck on their refrigerators for a long time.


House with a calendar.

These are yet another type of magnets extensively used by Realtors® for the promotion of their business. The only difference with house magnets and these magnets is the presence of the yearly calendar with dates. With a simple calendar on the magnet, you can be sure of the customer taking a glance at it every now and then even if to confirm the day and the date. Customers will use these magnets for the entire duration of the year, so your business promotion lasts for one long year with the help of these cost-effective marketing tool.


Notepad magnet.

If you have become bored with the idea of a calendar or a business card with a magnet, notepad magnet can prove to a highly effective marketing tool for your business. Notepads are used by almost everyone and people look for paper to jot down important information. You can give away notepad magnets to your customers that they can stick upon refrigerators and other metallic furniture items. They will come to pluck a paper out of the notepad whenever they need a paper to write something. They will have a fixed spot in the household where they will find a piece of paper to write down important points. Notepad magnets containing information about your business such as its name, logo, and contact details etc proves a very effective marketing tool. It is also very durable and lasts till the recipient has used up all the papers in the notepad.


Out of the different types of marketing tools involving magnets, it is house shaped magnets that are most popular among Realtors®. As they are cut into the shape of house, they nicely reflect the nature of business and keep reminding the recipient about the services of the Realtor® as long as they are stuck on the refrigerator.



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