What Top Real Estate Agents Are Doing (That You’re Probably Not)

What Top Real Estate Agents Are Doing (That You’re Probably Not)

Marketing is at the core of building a respectable and distinguishable brand identity for Realtors®. Top real estate agents and brokers alike seek to cultivate the public face of their business or personal brand through a comprehensive and sustained marketing strategy. Realtors® who continuously avoid giving their business a solid marketing strategy will quickly find themselves lacking work as consumers grow increasingly aware of the latest trends in digital marketing. As markets grow more and more competitive, Realtors® are constantly searching for new avenues to draw in business; aiming to reach clients before their competitors do. To be successful in this, it’s best to learn from the pros. As with any profession, those who succeed in real estate are likely to be on the cutting edge of the business, finding new means by which to draw in clients in a field that grows ever more crowded. What follows are some tips and tricks that top real estate agents are using, that you can put to work in your own business.


They’re blogging. A lot.

Most Realtors® feel writing a blog is a tiring and time-consuming exercise that ultimately leads to nothing. This couldn’t be further from the truth. A look at successful Realtors® tells you that they are, almost without exception, excellent bloggers who consistently share valuable information designed to educate their audience while ultimately steering them towards their professional services. They have a solid grip on SEO and the fundaments of digital marketing, crafting blogs that increase traffic to their websites and drive up sales in turn.


They work hard to develop a solid online reputation

Successful Realtors® understand the importance of their online presence. They actively encourage their existing and past clients to leave positive reviews on Google as they understand the importance of their online reputation and the potential sales it can drive. More so than ever before, it’s important that no client walk away dissatisfied. Though certainly in times past word of mouth would quickly make its way through a community, it’s now possible for an unhappy client to broadcast their negative feelings about your services to anyone who decides to search your business. Top real estate agents understand the make-or-break nature of every transaction, and ensure that nobody they deal with has anything bad to say about them or their business.


They nurture their leads carefully

Realtors® constantly receive access to new leads, with varying degrees of interest. It can be easy to put all your effort into the leads that appear the “Hottest”, as it seems a sure thing that they’ll enlist your services if you’re able to constantly dote on them. Top real estate agents understand that every lead, no matter how seemingly hot or cold, can become a client if they’re treated respectfully and with the same level of interest regardless of where in their property buying/selling journey they are. By doing this, you’re effectively playing the long game. While it’s all well and good to lock down a client straight away, you can ensure your business prospers for years to come by assuring even reluctant buyers & sellers that you’re willing to wait for them without pressuring them into a hasty transaction.


They are extremely organized

The top real estate agents have their day-to-day processes and procedures streamlined and simplified, so that they’re never unprepared. They have an answer to every question posed by their clients, and they are calm and composed no matter the situation. These Realtors® have plans and contingencies in place to ensure that no matter their specific needs or desires, every client is met with a prompt and effective response. They overcome hurdles large and small by being prepared for any situation regardless the outcome. By streamlining their work, they project an image of confidence and resilience that clients respond to, directly leading to a growth in their business.


They make use of a CRM

All successful Realtors® make use of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) service to store information on their leads and clients. It can be challenging for a Realtor® to keep track of essential details that could lead to sales if they don’t keep track of it in an organized fashion. Many Realtors® avoid using CRM as they believe that the setup and upkeep isn’t worth it for something they feel they can do themselves. A good quality CRM makes it possible for Realtors® to record every single bit of information that is or could potentially be important to their business. These Realtors® have access to powerful information at their fingertips, ensuring they never miss a meeting or an opportunity to send out a greeting card. Remembering these little details without having to hunt for them in a tattered notepad or stray cocktail napkin ensures that you continue to develop strong relationships with leads and clients.


They have strong relationships with other professionals

One thing that is common in all successful Realtors® is that they work with top-tier professionals who they can trust to uphold their values and get the job done right every time. They have access to a vast network of brokers, other Realtors®, attorneys, and lenders that they work with to ensure that the client reserves the best service possible. They work hard to maintain these relationships and treat them as a long-term investment in their business. By establishing yourself as someone who is well-connected and well-liked within your field, you let clients know that you’re someone who’s respected and isn’t afraid to call in others to perform the functions they’re best at.


All Realtors® work hard to provide the best possible service for their clients, but only the top real estate agents consistently maximize their success by cultivating a brand identity and personal reputation that generates new leads and keeps clients coming back.


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