6. Why custom Business Cards are extremely important in Real Estate

Why custom business cards are extremely important in real estate?

First impressions are often the last impressions they say, and nothing authenticates this saying in a better manner than business cards. These custom business cards, containing information about the business and the personal contact details of the individual, are used by all business owners in nearly all industries. If you happen to be a Realtor®, these custom business cards also serve the essential function of marketing your brand image. When you hand out your business card to someone, you just don’t give your contact details. Your business card is supposed to tell the recipient a lot about your business and your service. How those who receive your business cards think and feel about your company, and you decide the efficacy of this vital marketing tool.


A marketing tool that is compact and flexible to fit your pocket

It is hard to believe that one of the most important and useful marketing tools can fit inside the pockets of a real estate agent. It is so small and compact that you can carry a lot of business cards with yourself and hand out one to someone whenever you feel the need to promote your business. The realty business is one where building and nurturing strong relationships with not just clients but also brokers, other Realtors®, bankers, and contractors is significant. One marketing tool that is always there with you to market your business is your business card.


A picture says one thousand words.

Business cards are small, and you only get a tiny space on a piece of paper to convey the essential features of your service. Most Realtors® include their photos on their business cards, which leaves less than half of the space in a business card for other details. However, your smiling photo in a professional pose is vital for those who receive this business card. Your smile and confidence on your business card mean a lot, as it can change your prospective client’s decision regarding whether or not to utilize your services. Some Realtors® cleverly place their image at the back of their business cards as they believe putting other essential details on the front better for their marketing. Even these Realtors® know that their photo is vital to allow their customers to remember much more than just the name and their specialization.

If you are a listing agent, you always tell your clients how important it is to clean and de-clutter their homes when showing them to their potential buyers. Can you hand out your business card that is full of clutter to your clients? If you try to fit in everything from your photo and business name to telephone number, address, and everything else that you think is important for your business, your card can be anything but attractive for your clients. Do not have a business card that is tossed in a dustbin by the recipients, as they are crucial in gaining new clients.


How to present information on your business card?

It is tempting for a Realtor® to decrease the font size to fit in as much information as is possible in the business card. However, do not go below a particular font size ( we recommend 8pt) as many people do not have perfect vision. Also, get rid of clutter by only including the most important details. Here are some of the essential information to include in your business card as a Realtor®.

  • Your name and that of your brokerage
  • Your mobile number
  • Your email address
  • URL of your business website
  • Social media address
  • Your headshot
  • Qualifications and certifications

Those who receive business cards from Realtors® look at the requirements and certifications to make sure they are in safe hands when buying or selling a property. They look at the photo and make an impression about the personality of the individual. They also check out more information about Realtor® by visiting their website. They check out the social media account of the Realtor® to know the kind of person they are.  Anything other than these details is only extra and helps in creating clutter on your business cards.


The critical thing to keep in mind is to keep your business card as simple as possible. If the design is complicated, recipients can overlook the vital details. If possible, leave some white space inside your business card so that it does not have a cluttered look. Include no more than 2-3 of your most preferred ways of being contacted, as these are the ways your recipient will contact you. Make sure that you choose the right kind of paper stock and thickness. Keep the design simple and elegant so that it catches the attention of all the people who receive it from you.


Business Card


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