Why Manila folder are the answer to Real Estate organization

Why manila folders are the answer to real estate organization?

Paperwork is the essence of the real estate profession. No Realtor® can do all their work digitally, as they need to carry all sorts of documents and forms when meeting their clients. Manila folders offer a great solution, made from stiff paper; they are sturdy and allow transportation of paper documents in a systematic and organized manner.


What is a Manila folder?

A manila folder’s primary purpose is to allow a Realtor® to carry important papers and documents safely and efficiently. Manila folders are made from semi bleached wood fibres, making them robust in quality. The good thing with a manila folder is the closing flap that allows a Realtor® to open and close the folder quickly without causing any damage to it.


Custom designed Manila folders

The vast majority of customers like to do business with a Realtor® that they perceive as professional and sincere. Custom designed manila folders create a lovely impression on potential clients, and they feel good about the business of the Realtor®. For a Realtor®, presentation is everything, and nothing embodies this fact in a better way than a beautiful custom designed manila folder that they carry along with them when presenting their case in front of a client.

Imagine going to a prospective client to discuss a property that they are interested in buying. Would you like to fumble for essential papers of the property from a briefcase or take them out in a systematic manner from an attractive manila folder?

If you are organizing an open house, welcoming your guests with a big smile on your face is not enough. These visitors want to know the crucial details of the property and what better way than to pull out brochures and other papers from a sturdy manila folder. Keeping your documents smartly inside a manila folder and taking them out in a quick manner in front of these visitors says a lot about your personality and the working style.

A custom-designed manila folder is an excellent marketing tool for your realty business. These folders include the name and logo of your company as well as your contact information to help build a positive image and brand awareness. A manila folder may be a simple accessory, but it goes a long way in creating a powerful image of your business in the minds of your clients.


Customization tips for your Manila Folder

There are many ways in which you can customize a manila folder to reflect the business of your company. You can also make it more functional by adding features to make it more convenient for your prospective clients.


Add some beautiful photos

Being a Realtor®, you know how excited and happy clients are when they see images of exquisite properties and locations. You can use this fact to add photos of ownership in your hand to make them more attractive to your clients. These photos also add the level of engagement with your customers.


Slots for business cards

You can add slots for business cards inside a manila folder and insert cards in these slots to allow your customers to have a glance at your contact details.


Spine attachments

Manila folders can provide documents that customers need to read in a sequence. To create a booklet, all you have to do is to add spine attachments.


Stepped inserts

There is a lot of information that a Realtor® wants to give out to their prospective clients in a bid to impress them. Stepped inserts are a great way to give detailed information to the client that they can view with the help of this feature in your manila folder.

You will be happy to know that these manila folders come in all shapes and sizes to allow Realtors® to present information to clients in an enticing manner. You can choose small folders to hand out brochures on your properties to your clients. Landscape sized manila folders are perfect for handing out photographs of properties to your customers. You can order manila folders in different sizes to fulfill different requirements. You and your customers know what they can expect in the size of a manila folder.


Tiny Tomato Design is the leading advertising company specializing in print material marketing tools. We can custom design your manila folder with your logo and other details to help you in presenting information in front of your clients in a very organized manner. Our manila folders are extremely popular among Realtors® because of their quality and competitive prices.


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