Why Real Estate Agents need a Custom Designed Signage

Why Real Estate Agents Need Custom Designed Signage?

Signs have been a prominent marketing tool used by Realtors®, and this traditional practice continues to hold immense significance. With the advent and later near dominance of internet-based marketing, signage took a back seat for a while. However, real estate signs are again making a grand comeback as more and more Realtors® realize their efficacy in marketing their business.

As the area of operation of a Realtor® is localized in nature, these appealing and vibrant signs in yards, open houses, and strategic locations bring the desired ROI for a Realtor®. No matter whether you are a listing agent or a buyer’s agent, you can make excellent use of real estate signs to market your business and to catch the attention of potential clients.


Real estate signs are highly affordable.

If you think about the promotion of your business, a radio ad can cost you around $1,000, whereas a TV commercial can set you back several thousand dollars. On the other hand, a real estate sign is a lot more affordable, displaying the name, address, and logo of your realty company. It can also remain in place for a very long time as compared to commercials on TV and radio. Everyone that passes by gets a glance at the appealing signage and remember your company name for a long time.


They are robust in quality.

Real estate signs are placed outdoors, comprising of PVC material, and their printing is also very durable. These signs are robust and durable to such weather conditions as intense heat from the sun, excessive rainfall, snowfall and strong winds in the winter months. These signs give you the ability to promote your business irrespective of the conditions. You can also use them indoors if you want.


They help sell homes quickly.

Studies have shown that real estate signs arouse curiosity in the minds of all those who see them. They complement the marketing efforts of a Realtor® and help sell homes quickly and efficiently. These colourful and vibrant signs easily reach those who are thinking about buying a home. People then spread the news about the sale of the property, hence help to sell the house faster.


Real estate signs say a lot about Realtor® and their personality

The primary function of real estate signs is to advertise that property is for sale and arouse curiosity resulting in spread by word of mouth. They also serve a much deeper purpose; they market the business of the Realtor®and help advertise their services. In a way, these signs work as your ambassadors. They represent you and your business when you are not there to talk to your clients.


They market your business effectively.

Real estate signs promote your business by including the name and logo of your company. Displaying this element creates brand awareness allowing people to see your business as genuine and reliable. In comparison to other tools of marketing, these signs stand tall outdoors and easily catch the attention of everyone that passes by.


Tips to make your real estate signage impressive

Choose a colour visible from a distance: The first thing that is seen as people pass by is the colour of the sign. The tone needs to be your brand colour to create brand awareness. However, if your brand colour isn’t bright, use it as an accent colour to white. White signs are reflective and visible from a distance under different light conditions. After all, having your sign seen with your name, company and contact details is more important than not being noticed at all.

Choose a font that is easy to read: The choice of font is a critical consideration for Realtors®. Many Realtors® make the mistake of choosing artistic looking fonts, thinking they will create an excellent impression on those who see their sign. Make sure you select a font that is visible and legible from a distance if you want to make sure that your real estate signs are eye-catching and visually appealing for the customers.

Include your contact details: Real estate signs are not meant to advertise just the property that you are trying to sell. They can be used to market your business effectively. You should include such contact details as your name, number, and email so that anyone who is interested in the property or your service can contact you.


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