Why Realtors need a Custom Designed Envelopes

Why Realtors® need custom designed envelopes?

If you are a Realtor®, it is common for you to send letters to your existing and potential clients regularly. You also send direct mailers and greetings to many people in a bid to remind them of your brand and business offerings. You can make use of plain envelopes to communicate with clients and networking associates, or you can start using custom-designed envelopes to set a dynamic impression of professional integrity.

The only thing that changes in this endeavour is the envelope, but it can prove highly useful at reflecting your brand identity and corporate dignity. Custom designed envelopes carrying the name and the logo of your company say a lot about the professional attitude of your business. It also helps in building a dynamic brand image for your business. With a small extra investment, custom-designed envelopes can boost your marketing efforts and bring in more sales for you as a Realtor®.


Custom design makes your envelopes stand out in the mailbox

People receive so much junk mail in their inboxes every week that they prefer to throw all the letters in the dustbin without even having a close look at them. If you want to increase the likelihood of your envelopes being opened and read by your recipients, custom designing of your envelopes can help you in this endeavour. It is because the colour printing and designing of your business envelopes make them stand out from the rest of the letters in the mailbox of your recipient.


They give your brand a dynamic, professional outlook

Custom designed envelopes create a lovely impression on all those who receive them, whether they are your potential or existing clients. They create a unique brand identity for your business by making envelops highly visible to your customers. Custom designing changes the outlook of the company in the minds of your recipients. Custom designed envelopes do a strong and powerful branding of your business in a very cost-effective manner.


Convenient sealing and opening of the envelope

A custom-designed envelope is eye-catching because of the high-quality printing of your logo on better-quality paper. It also has a very comfortable and convenient sealing and opening that makes the experience of your recipient pleasant. Your customers do not see a dirty envelope, as the old technique of licking and sealing has become redundant. A custom-designed envelope only adds to the professional image of your business in the minds of your customers.


They improve the credibility and reputation of your business

There are different ways of conveying the message about the reliability of your company to your potential clients. Custom designed envelopes are one of the most cost-effective and highly visible of these methods. These envelopes create a very nice impression about the quality of your business in the mind of the recipient. Business owners spend fortunes and make lots of effort into developing a positive reputation for their business. But you can achieve the same without spending money by using custom-designed envelopes for communication with your customers.


Custom designed envelopes communicate trustworthiness.

As a Realtor®, you work hard to spread the word around about your service. A custom-designed envelope tells this to your prospective customer without saying a word. With a personal message directly communicated, there is a high likelihood of this envelope opened and followed up by the recipient. Imagine a potential customer who gets a personal message from you that begins with ‘Dear John.’ Personalization is the reason why there is such a high open and response rate to custom design envelopes.


They offer immense flexibility.

With custom-designed envelopes, you enjoy a high degree of flexibility. You are free to choose the design, colour scheme, and font size to distinguish your envelopes from the envelopes being used by other Realtors® in your area. You can also select a design that reflects your personality. Once you finalize a plan for these envelopes, you have the choice of replicating the same design over your letterhead, business cards, and even the banners that you use for the promotion of your business to have a certain level of cohesiveness.




Now that you know how beneficial these custom-designed envelopes can be for your realty business, it is time to search for a marketing agency that can create such beautiful custom envelopes for your company. Tiny Tomato Design is the leading marketing company that has helped dozens of Realtors® in their marketing efforts by creating visually appealing and cost-effective custom-designed envelopes.


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