Why You Should Add Tri-Fold Flyers To Your Real Estate Marketing Toolkit

Why You Should Add Tri-Fold Flyers To Your Real Estate Marketing Toolkit

Real estate tri-fold flyers should be one of the first items a new Realtor® purchases for their business. After business cards, and a professionally designed business website, tri-fold flyers are probably the most important piece of marketing material you can have, as they are your bread and butter for telling clients everything they need to know about your services. There are tons of templates and ideas out there to get you started, but we’d advise against leaning on these long-term. Instead, opt for custom-designed tri-fold flyers that are created with you in mind and speak to your unique audience.

What can you do with your real estate tri-fold flyers exactly? Most commonly, agents use tri-fold flyers as their format of choice for an introductory pamphlet for their business, what they offer, and how they are uniquely positioned to help the client. The total of six panels leaves ample room for your creativity, and allows for many options in how you utilize the space. With eye-catching graphics and your business’ branding displayed throughout, you can be sure to capture and hold potential clients’ attention. Without further ado, here are some of our top tips for creating your own extremely effective tri-fold flyers.


1. Simplicity is key

While it may be tempting to throw every bit of information you have at your audience, it’s important not to overwhelm them. This isn’t the place to pitch yourself to clients. They don’t necessarily need to know every detail about your career and accomplishments, but rather want to see a few key details that distinguish you from the crowd. This applies to both layout and content, as a busy design will more likely than not lead to your tri-fold flyers ending up in the trash. Stick with a timeless, visually-appealing design and your clients will be encouraged to keep reading.


2. Use plenty of images

Let’s face it, nobody wants to look at a wall of text. You should be trying to inspire and excite your audience, and nothing does this better than stunning, high-quality images. The most important thing is to have a picture of your own smiling face somewhere noticeable. Image is everything in real estate, and being recognizable amongst your potential clients should be at the top of your list of priorities. Aside from this, agents have a bit more creativity in what they try to capture through imagery in their flyers. Images of satisfied clients and sold properties are a nice touch, or you can opt for images that depict the dream lifestyle of your target audience.


3. Know your audience

Real estate tri-fold flyers are commonly used to give leads an idea of what services you offer and how you’re positioned to help them, specifically. If you’re not keenly aware of who your target audience is and what demographics you have the most success with, your flyer will lack direction and won’t be nearly as effective as a more focused one. Say you’ve found yourself working primarily for first-time homebuyers and have embraced the skillset this job requires. Be sure to make frequent reference to this fact throughout your marketing material – having a niche paints you as an expert in that area and will lead to an influx of eager new clients.


4. Opt for custom design rather than templates

The biggest factor in the success of your tri-fold flyers, or any real estate marketing material for that matter, is working with professional graphic designers to create something that is unique to your business. There are plenty of great platforms like Canva to provide you with templates for nearly anything you could think of, but none of these match the quality and visual appeal of thoughtful design from people who know the real estate industry inside and out.


Looking for assistance creating effective and engaging tri-fold flyers? Click here to get in touch with us today and start building a brand or marketing campaign that works for YOUR business.

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