Why you should build your Real Estate website with Wordpress_

Why You Should Build Your Real Estate Website with WordPress

WordPress is an open-source platform that is growing at an incredible pace, with thousands of new websites being developed per day, making it by far the most popular content management system in the world. Websites created on other platforms, while certainly looking pretty and doing the trick, lack the functionality and customizability of those designed in WordPress. As a Realtor®, you want an immersive and engaging website that is interactive and easily manageable. WordPress is the CMS best suited to make a real estate website as it allows Realtors® to quickly update and manage content on their own without any professional help. Below are some compelling reasons why you should make your real estate website on WordPress.


WordPress websites are highly scalable

WordPress websites are highly scalable. It is equally useful for making a website if you have just started as a Realtor® or become a top-rated agent with lots of properties sold and under your belt. Your small website grows alongside your business, and you will likely never need to switch to any other platform for a business website.


It is a repository of thousands of themes

WordPress is renowned for thousands of themes and templates that can be used by a Realtor® for their website. There are even dozens of themes that are real estate specific to make the work of a Realtor® easy. Packed with features that are real estate friendly and hence a website making use of these themes proves very useful for a real estate agent.


Lots of plugins to use on your website

WordPress is a platform that has thousands of plugins available for free for a Realtor®. There are at present 43788 plugins to choose form. These plugins are small apps that are used by Realtors® to achieve specific functionalities for their websites. No matter what you need, there is a particular plugin for that very purpose available on the platform of WordPress.


WordPress websites are SEO friendly

All Realtors® need to carry out the SEO of their websites to improve their search engine rankings. They also want to make their websites visible to their target group of customers. Matt Cutts, Administrator of United States Digital Service, has said that WordPress based websites are good for SEO. Do you need any further proof after that?


It allows a chat window to interact with visitors

You will get many visitors having questions in their minds. What better way than to satisfy their queries instantly with the help of a feature of Live Chat? WordPress is a platform that allows you to install the functionality of Live Chat on your website to communicate with your visitors instantly irrespective of your location.


It is an open-source platform

WordPress is an open-source platform, which means it is a collaborative effort of thousands of developers working around the world. As a result, WordPress has such a vast choice of plugins and themes for Realtors®. As a real estate agent, you can rest assured that this platform will continue to grow and develop for as long as your website is there.


Community support easily available

It is natural for you to experience one or the other difficulty at times when you use WordPress for your website, but there is no shortage of community support for you. There are many WordPress forums where you can quickly get help if you are facing difficulties with themes or plugins on your website. This support is not available on any other platform. You can get expert advice to get rid of your problems on your WordPress website by becoming a member of any of the several community support groups.


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