When Should You Use Custom Templates For Real Estate Social Media?

Why You Should Use Custom Templates For Real Estate Social Media

Social media can make or break a business in the modern age, with 44% of agents reporting that they have received at least one client from this form of marketing in the past year. There are few Realtors® out there who deny the power of social media marketing, but there are equally few who truly harness the power of the medium to generate mass amounts of leads. This can be because of the effort it takes to maintain a strong social media presence in addition to your duties as an agent, or simply because of a lack of content or visual direction. One way to streamline this process and consistently present engaging content is by using custom branded templates for your real estate social media posts.

Templates often get a bad rap for being overused and too generic, but this criticism doesn’t extend to those specially designed for your business. Rather than relying on stock templates on sites like Canva, or those built into Microsoft Word, custom-branded templates are designed for you by a professional graphic designer, using your existing logo and colour schemes to lend a sense of uniqueness to your content. These can help guide your posts and simplify the effort usually required to produce quality social media marketing from scratch on a regular basis. So when and why should you use these templates? Here, we’ll go over what makes these tools so essential to real estate professionals, and why you should consider adding custom templates to your real estate social media arsenal.


1. Templates let you streamline your social media content creation

As a Realtor®, most of what you’ll be posting to your social media channels will be listed properties or recent sales. These should be quick, easily digestible pieces meant to draw attention from your followers and generate leads. Having templates in place allows you to fire off these posts with minimal effort, by simply plugging in a new picture and description to your already laid-out template. Not only does this help with creating a cohesive and attractive social media feed, but it eliminates the need for time-consuming and repetitive tasks when it comes to your social media.


2. Custom-designed templates grow your brand

As with any form of marketing, your ultimate goal should always be to grow your brand and boost your exposure to key audiences. Generic templates do very little to contribute to your brand, and are more likely to become a detriment to your credibility in the long-term. If you choose to use templates, make sure you’re spending the time and money on custom-design for your real estate social media posts.


3. Templates help maintain consistency across channels

In order to find real success in your social media marketing, you must maintain campaigns across a variety of popular channels. For real estate, this generally includes Facebook and Instagram, your business website, and any other social media networks or local sites you may work within. Posting to all of these takes time, and maintaining complete consistency across various mediums is near impossible. With templates, you can simply design one post, save it, and share it to all of the digital channels your business is on with just a few clicks. Rather than confuse your audience with inconsistent posts, make your life easy and just share one quality post multiple times.


Tiny Tomato Design helps Realtors® around the world with their marketing needs by providing high quality design at an affordable price. If you’re considering using templates for your real estate social media marketing, don’t settle for stock templates that say nothing about your business. With custom branding and professional design done to your exact specifications, your posts will finally be allowed to shine as they were meant to. Our talented team of designers will work with you to best utilize your brand elements, creating fully unique templates and building them out in Canva, so you can access and customize your posts quickly and with ease.


Ready to take your real estate social media content to the next level? Click here to get in touch with us today and start building templates that will expedite your content creation and grow your digital audience to new levels.

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