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The art of social media marketing is tailoring content of what you offer to the right type of client. We have you covered for effective lead generation through social media.

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    Social Media is an extremely cost effective solution broadening your reach to potential clientele and we know how to help you target the right audience.

    Social media marketing can be relatively low cost but for it to be an effective tool in your marketing strategy it needs to bring about new business and create profitability. The way to do this is by first targeting the right audience and then developing tailored material to the needs of this audience. Targeting buyers and sellers and being able to harness the most effective social media strategy for the real estate industry will increase your client base and ultimately improve your profit margins.


    Tiny Tomato Design helps you become very agile with your social media content through analysing trends of who you’re reaching with your content, how many are showing interest, and ultimately who is exploring to buy. With this in-depth analysis it allows you to change your approach quickly as you learn more about what is and isn’t being effective in your target market. Leaving ineffective ads up for too long brings about disinterest from your prospect base and not to mention costs you money for little to no reward; compared to how Tiny Tomato Design will empower you to effectively engage with your target audience, keep them interested with updated and relevant social media content, and tailor your marketing to your business objectives as they change.


    We can help teach and/or manage the delivery of multiple campaigns across the most popular social media platforms. We will work with you (or for you) to refine the content and campaigns being shared on social media, whether that be from the learnings we will analyse of what is and isn’t working in your target audience or effectively tailoring content to key events, updates in the real estate industry, or seasonality changes.

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    Why Choose Us?

    Tiny Tomato Design is a digital first company; we have built our business completely from a strong and effective online presence and have learnt how to target the right audience to build successful sales. You’ll see success with Tiny Tomato Design working for you and using our knowledge in social media marketing, our ability to build impressive online campaign content, and the visibility we can arm you with to know your target audience more than ever before.

    Lisa Litke Social Media Campaign


    95% of adults aged 18-34 are most likely to follow a brand via social networking.



    71% of consumers who have had a good social media experience with a brand are likely to recommend it.



    Over 80% of accounts on Instagram follow atleast one business.



    68% of adults are Facebook users and about three-quarters of those users access Facebook every day.

    Lead sourcing strategy

    Our strategy is simple, ‘Reach the right clientele with tailored content and campaigns that grows your client base and revenue stream’. As we build your presence online we will use data to become even more effective.

    Dezi Gebel Social Media Campaign

    Building awareness, generating leads, converting prospects

    We specialize in effective social media marketing strategies across all key social media platforms to optimize your business growth.


    Global connectivity on a social marketing platform.


    Peer-to-peer sharing to grow engaged communities.


    Professional conversation and content amplification.


    Search and browse specific product categories.


    Source prospects and alleviate the distance barrier.


    Diversify your video marketing strategy with multiple channels.


    Social Media Marketing Services

    Find your leads and prospects and start smashing those goals.

    Tiny Tomato Design
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