A company should not only be different, it must be seen as different.


Branding ranging from $299 to $799. A dynamic branding strategy allows a company to set itself apart from its competitors and carve out a unique identity. Branding allows companies and brands to cultivate their own personality and individuality, cementing their identity in competitive and volatile industries. Tiny Tomato Design makes it an easier goal to achieve!


Your website should be polished, easy to navigate and complement your marketing strategies.


A user-friendly, immersive and polished website is no longer a luxury, in fact, it is an absolute necessity. It not only weighs upon your corporate image, but it also sets an impression of reliability and corporate dignity. We can help you impress your consumers and business associates with an immersive and wholesome design that is user-friendly and engaging. Inquire now for a personalized quote.

Real Estate Web Design


Postcards are an ideal way to demonstrate your proof of production to your farm and/or sphere of influence.


Postcards are engaging, immersive and brimming with rich visuals, which makes them an excellent way to present trivial and otherwise boring information. It allows you to capture attention and engage your audience to spread your influence across your industry. We can help you design engaging direct mail postcards and boost the success of your marketing endeavors. Pricing starting as low as $99, inquire today.


Handing out a business card is often the first impression people make of your business, so you need to get it right.


Starting at only $89 business cards hold immense significance in the art of networking. Whether you are trying to impress a potential client, or win over business associates and investors in a networking event. Business cards allow you to introduce your business with an opulent touch of elegance.

Business Card
2 Page Feature Sheet Design




With initial design starting at $149 (2 Page Feature Sheet) and $199 (4 Page Feature Sheet) get your real estate feature sheet today. Feature sheets are an engaging and attention-grabbing strategy to display essential information about a home or commercial property. It attracts your audience with its immersive visuals and elegant fonts, presenting a more effective alternative for boring content strategies. We can help you design feature sheets that are informative with a distinctive flair for creativity!


Custom designed real estate signs are key to a potential buyer’s first impression.


They provide valuable information to get people contacting while your property does the selling. The best real estate signs have eye-catching imagery, direct information, and invite prospects to learn more. These are designed with full colour and creative ideas. Supply us with your Realtor® pictures, house owner photos, and real estate company logos, for us to incorporate and start attracting leads today!

For Sale Sign


A beautiful property brochure is the cornerstone of successful property marketing.


Starting at $178 for 4 pages. Brochures are the most significant marketing material and brands use them for a wide range of purposes. For marketing your product offerings and services, to boosting your successful projects and presenting trivial information. Brochures are an essential form of communicating with your consumer audience and business associates.


It’s vitally important to continually look for fresh and exciting ways to get your message out into the world.


With prices starting at $89, door hangers are an incredibly creative and immersive marketing strategy. It can help you gain a competitive edge in the industry. It presents a powerful and dynamic marketing edge and is an excellent strategy to promote new product launches, sales, events and other information. We are here to help you boost your marketing efforts with customized door hangers that grab attention.

Real Estate Door Hanger
Email Signature


Our email stationery service is the key to making every email make a great impression.


Brands strive to make a formidable impression with every email that they send out, and email signatures play a dynamic role in this strategy. It creates an identity for your brand that commands respect and exudes a powerful corporate integrity. We can help you develop an email signature that is savvy and differentiates your brands from others. Get your custom designed email signature for $89.


As the old saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.


First impressions play an instrumental role in shaping up your brand identity and corporate image. Letterheads are an important facet of your brand identity as they reflect your organization and vision. We can help you design quality letterheads that appeal to your consumer audience and set you apart in the industry. Get yours today with prices starting at $69.

Presentation Folder


Make a lasting impression and help your clients stay organized with a custom designed presentation folder.


For only $99 presentation folders are one of the most distinctive stationery items that can set your advertising efforts apart in the industry. They offer a dynamic appeal and we can help you curate strikingly attractive designs that will give your brand image a powerful lift.



Draw attention to your letters and increase envelope opens.


From only $49, envelopes are an excellent stationery item to cast an elegant impression and charm to your clients or business associates. Stationery has always played an integral role in cementing brand identity and promoting targeted messages. We can help you design classy envelopes that draw attention to your brand with impressive visual appeal.

Tri-Fold Z-Fold DL Flyer


Make an impressive presentation with our aesthetically pleasing Tri-fold / Z-fold Flyers!


In the realm of marketing, presentation is all that matters. You can enhance the readability of complex information and engage your audience with an eye-catching design. Flyers are an instrumental ingredient for advertising and promotion, and consumers are more likely to take home flyers that appeal to them. At Tiny Tomato Design, we infuse our trifold and Z-fold flyer designs with trendy creative elements, and an inspiring color palette.


Make your marketing content more immersive and engaging with a timeless design!


At Tiny Tomato Design, our creative designers specialize in curating bi-fold / half-fold brochure and flyer designs with an eclectic blend of colors, fonts and aesthetic appeals. Are you looking for a simplistic design that exudes superior quality and a minimalist presentation? The ‘Book-style’ charm of a bi-fold / half-fold brochure has a unique timelessness that compliments the marketing efforts of every business. It never fails to impress!

Bi-Fold A5 Flyer
Thank You With Compliments


Show appreciation to customers and employees with a business thank you card or with compliments slip.


Thank you cards & with compliment slips are one of the most heart-warming ways to express your appreciation to your consumers and employees. They allow brands to cement their loyalty and extend a heartfelt gesture that is distinctive from cold and calculating promotional strategies. We can help you explore a wide range of creative themes and designs with prices starting at $69.


Your business deserves marketing that you’re proud to put your name behind, and proud to hand out to clients and prospects.


Fridge magnets reflect creativity and offer the consumer something that will be perceived as useful. Consumers adore receiving products they can incorporate into their lifestyle, and fridge magnets will remind them of your brand and services every time they head over to the refrigerator. Inquire today for our various magnet types and prices.


Fridge Magnet
Infographic Design


Do you have a personal brochure you can provide new clients or if you are a Realtor® to give out at open houses?


If not, for as low at $149 think about a personal infographic. Infographics present mundane information with a sleek appeal and they can be customized in more ways than one. The key is to make the information more appealing and convey mundane facts and figures with a creative approach. We can help you design striking infographics to boost your marketing success.


A personalized notepad is a great little advertising device.


Stationery items are one of the best promotional material that consumers adore receiving, and notepads are naturally the most useful. They are a versatile choice as you can use them for day-to-day correspondence, networking event giveaways, consumer gifts and more. We can help you design customized notepads for as low as $89.

Social Media


We work with our clients to define measurable goals, and then drive traffic and referrals with consistent engagement.


Social media engagement is vital for all businesses that seek to cut down their advertising costs and make a dynamic impact. Digital marketing practices have evolved considerably over the years, and social media has provided the perfect playground to charm consumers with creativity and value. Please inquire for pricing.


The Internet, as a global communications medium, provides advertisers with unique and often cost-effective ways of reaching advertising audiences.


The internet is brimming with a wide range of advertising possibilities, providing modern-day businesses efficient avenues to expand their consumer audience and boost profitability. However, capturing the audience with your online advertisements requires creativity, efficiency and targeted strategies. Inquire today to find out how we can help your business get more online quality traffic by advertising your business on various websites.

Online Advertising
Web Advertising


Banners instantly grab attention and pull in your audience by arousing curiosity!


At Tiny Tomato Design, we design dynamic and engaging web banner adverts that are brimming with appealing visuals and aesthetically pleasing creative elements. We believe that an impressive web banner is a delicate balance between a concise message and an impactful creative design. Banners that are heavily cluttered and overloaded with visuals fail to make an impact. We design banners that stir a response!


Billboards capture the audience and inspire them to channel a lifestyle change!


Billboards serve a very special purpose in the realm of marketing and advertising. Contrary to popular belief, they do not convey information nor do they introduce a brand. Instead, they show the consumer what they are missing, and invoke the feeling that something is missing in their life. At Tiny Tomato Design, we design billboards that are inspiring and compelling enough to make your audience curious!

Real Estate Billboard
Bus Bench Advert


Public Transport a wonderful medium for advertising.


As one of the traditional models of advertising, public transport advertising continues to enjoy heights of popularity due to its effectiveness and convenience. It is a fabulous advertising medium, and modern-day brands have much to gain from curating creative campaigns. With prices starting as low as $178, inquire today!


Newspaper & magazine advertising has been around longer than any other form of advertising we see today and is still the first kind of advertising that businesses think about doing.


Starting at $149, newspaper & magazine advertisements are one of the oldest traditional mediums of advertising and they continue to be efficient in helping brands carve out a sphere of influence. However, over the years, creativity has evolved and brands need to focus on curating campaigns that appealing and eye-catching.

Newspaper Adverts


A consistent email marketing campaign that offers your clients value-added information can help you stay at the forefront of your clients minds.


Starting at $178 email newsletter marketing allows brands to provide crucial information and infographics to clients who are interested in their services. If you want to maintain a relationship with your consumers, you must continue to remind them of your product portfolios or services.


To help you throughout your process!


For $269 (Sellers Guide) or $299 (Buyers Guide) get your two new amazing tools to better demonstrate the many steps of a real estate transaction. In a volatile and competitive real estate industry, establish loyalty by educating and empowering your clients through informative buyers and seller’s guides. These are immersive and comprehensive guides are a must have and will generate leads!

Buyers / Sellers Guide
Listing Presentation


As a Realtor®, you are a trained, knowledgeable, experienced professional.


Real estate agents are always looking for creative and engaging ways to market their listings. Elaborate and comprehensive listing presentations allow them to capture existing and potential clients, and gain a reputation of credibility. If you seek help in making listing presentations, you’ve come to the right place! Get yours today for only $349!


Hoarding is a temporary structure of solid construction, erected around the perimeter of construction sites to shield them from view and prevent unauthorized access.


Hoardings grab peoples attention and allow your brand to establish a presence in the market. They dominate the scenery and remind your consumers of your products and services, thereby influencing consumer preferences with dynamic brand positioning. With design prices starting at $499, inquire today!


Keyring Gift


Consumers adore brands that offer giveaways, branded merchandise and useful promotional products!


Promotional products and branded merchandise reveal a client-centric approach as it offers value without seemingly requiring anything in return. But in essence, it leaves the client with a lasting and recurrent reminder of your brand, products or services. Consumers are more likely to engage with brands and businesses that offer promotional products because this simple exercise builds trust and leaves a dynamic impression. It exudes a personalized approach!


Looking for first page ranking?


SEO (search engine optimization) is the secret to boosting online traffic and winning over the algorithms of Google and other search engines. It is an art that allows you to make sure your existing and potential customers can reach your website while searching for similar services or products. Inquire today for pricing!


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